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Why You Should Never Repair a Garage Door Spring

One day, you hear a deafening bang coming from your home garage. It sounds like a gunshot. When you go to your garage, you find that your garage door spring got broken into two pieces. At this time, you might wonder whether you can do the repair job yourself. Experts will give you an unequivocal “no” to this question. This article will tell you why this is the case.

Why Can’t I Repair My Garage Door Spring Myself?

Your garage door’s counterweight system, which is secured by the garage door springs, is connected to the door hinge to the cable and to the shaft which houses the spring. This system operates under a lot of tension. If you attempt to lift the bottom hinge, it is similar to lifting up to 225 pounds (the weight of a double garage door). If you make one wrong move, you can end up with injuries to your hand or face.

You might think that you’re only holding 50 percent of the weight of your garage door. However, you should not even carry this amount of weight. When it comes to your garage door, you have to put safety at the forefront. You will also need to balance the two garage door springs so that your garage door doesn’t rebound. This can be dangerous, so you should call experts in garage door repair Bakersfield whenever you have to deal with broken garage door springs.

Won’t My Garage Door Opener Hold My Garage Door?

The mechanism that lifts or lowers your garage door isn’t meant to work with that much weight. Your garage door opener just acts as a substitute for the human hand that lifts the door. Well-balanced doors weigh up to 10 pounds, and the correct balance is about 5 percent of the door’s weight.

Why You Should Only Hire Experienced Garage Repair Experts

You will need experience and expertise to get your broken garage door springs fixed. Your local garage repair experts have the knowledge required to correct the problem with the necessary tools efficiently. If you find that your garage door springs are damaged, immediately call a technician. Attempting to fix the problem yourself can open you up to serious injury.