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How a Garage Door Boosts Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When your garage is attached to your home, this space becomes important in terms of your home’s energy efficiency. If you have noticed that your utility bills are on the rise despite your best efforts to be more efficient, it could be due to a maintenance issue with the garage door. Maintenance performed by a Bakersfield garage service could give a big boost to your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Reduces Air Leakage

A garage door acts as a barrier against unwanted air leakage or heat exchange with the outdoors. In many cases, the garage door is able to act as a primary defense against such leakage because of its insulation and weatherstripping. A good seal between the garage door and the framing and flooring prevents any air from escaping. If you do notice that your garage is hotter or colder than the rest of the house, ask the technicians to conduct an infrared imaging study to see where any air leaks are located. Caulking around the door’s frame can eliminate most air leaks.

Insulates Against Heat

Most garages take up a considerable amount of space. They have large perimeter walls. When these walls and the door itself are well-insulated, they help to keep heat out of the garage and home. This helps to keep the indoor temperature steady and reduces the workload on the air conditioner. If your garage gets hot, consider more wall and roof insulation.

Keeps the Wind Out

The garage door does an excellent job at keeping the wind out of your home. If your garage and home get a lot of dust inside, it could be due to missing or damaged weatherstripping. With a prompt garage door maintenance visit, the weatherstripping can be replaced, allowing the garage door to keep the wind, dust, dirt and debris out of the garage and the rest of your home.