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3 Amazing Paint Colors for Your Home and Garage Door

Choosing a paint color for your home can be a daunting task. After all, you want to pick a color that you love but will also attract potential buyers down the road, if you’re thinking of selling. Most people agonize over color choices and combinations, not sure which colors go together! Below, we offer some helpful hints on the best color options to paint your house, trim, and garage door.

Deep Blue Sea

A slightly out of the box choice is a deep blue paint color, which is a great way to really make your house stand out from the crowd. Deep blue invokes a seaside, nautical feel. Think all those gorgeous houses on the east coast. If you live near the ocean or any water, then this is a great way to honor the environment you live in. To really make the deep blue look saturated and lively, try pairing the color with white trim. You can make your garage door look brand new with that fresh coat of white paint as well.

Classic White

If you’re not so daring, then a classic white paint color is your best friend. This color can make sure your house remains neutral, which is a plus if you’re painting in order to sell. Often buyers will be scared away by bright colors on houses. As an accent, you can have a little fun, though. Consider painting your garage door black for the contemporary feel or you could go with a classic wood stain to bring out its natural beauty. Either way, your garage door color can make the white of your house stand out or can add an extra bit of color.

Modern Gray

There is no color that is more popular today than gray. It is the perfect choice for those who want a modern feel yet still want a classic touch to their home. Grays come in a wide variety of tones from brown to green based. For the accents, you could paint your trim and garage door gray as well for a cool monochromatic look. You could also pair it with black or white for gentle contrast to the gray. Before you choose your house paint, it’s always smart to invest in Bakersfield garage door repairs so that your garage door is ready for its new look.