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Can a Garage Door Be Painted or Repainted?

A common question the pros receive about garage installations in Bakersfield is whether a new door has to be painted and can be repainted. Most modern garage doors arrive pre-painted or otherwise finished. Some have a raw surface that must be protected soon after installation. In either case, your doors can be repainted as needed, and many garage door companies even offer that service.

Metal or Wood?

Wooden garage doors are the most common to arrive in need of painting. You have the option of paint or stain, and either choice will generally dictate future decisions, but there are options. With paint, you can generally opt for latex, which is more convenient to work with and makes repainting easier. Doors made from metal or various synthetic materials generally arrive already painted. When repainted, oil-based paints are generally used, and it is often necessary to use a special primer to ensure bonding.

Cleaning the Exterior

Garage doors get dirty, and even new doors may have residues from manufacturing and shipping. It’s very important that the surface is cleaned thoroughly because greasy elements will actually undermine your finish over time. A mixture of basic dish soap and water is generally all that is needed to clean doors well. Pressure washing may be an option in the case of older wood doors that have accumulated a lot of deep grime over time.

Prepping Options

Prior to painting, prep can be performed to remove or hide imperfections. Dents can be banged out in metals doors, and caulk and putty can be used on wood doors to smooth the form.

The Ideal Conditions

Experts generally recommend not painting a garage door when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior must be completely dry, so it’s not unusual for the pros to clean one day and to return the next in order to finish the job. Experts generally recommend beginning painting as early as possible so that paint dries throughout the day and before nightfall.