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Ways to Make Your Garage Door Pet-Friendly

The garage door is perhaps one of the most essential parts of the home and our daily lives. However, those parts that are created to provide us with convenience may also act as a risk to our pets. This is especially important if your pet has access to the garage via a pet door or simply by you opening a door. Read on to learn some of the best ways to make your garage door that much more pet-friendly.

Pet-Friendly Cable Management

Cable management isn’t just for your computer setup; it’s also very important to creating a safer garage door for your pets. Garage doors come with a lot of cables that simply hang if they are not dealt with. Some of these include your power cable that attaches to the motor and any metal chains that might hang down. When these are left, unkept two things might happen. Your pet could severely injure themselves, or they accidentally pull on something that results in damaging your entire door system.

Testing Your Garage Door

One of the safety features of your garage door is the pressure sensor. This allows the door to detect when a car or person is under the door during the closing process. It will then begin to reverse itself to protect that person or object. Because pets often like to hang out in the threshold of the door, this safety feature must be tested regularly. Simply lower the door and place an object in the middle to see if the door begins to reverse. If the function does not work immediately contact a company that performs garage door repairs in Bakersfield to get the feature back and running properly.

Tension/Torsion Springs

One of the garage door’s most dangerous parts includes the tension/torsion springs to the side or above the garage door. Because so many homeowners tend to create ceiling storage within their garage, pets such as cats can easily reach these areas. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to add storage near these tension springs as a pet’s nibbling can severely damage them.