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Available Styles for Residential Garage Doors

When you are searching for a new garage door to have installed in your home, there are a variety of styles that are available to you, each of which offers a distinctly different look. Your garage door serves as an integral aspect of the exterior of your house, which is why selecting a unique style can benefit you by improving the curb appeal of your home and highlighting your personal style. Although there are many different styles at your disposal, the one that’s best for you depends entirely on your specific preference.

Raised-Panel Doors

This is a very traditional style that offers a clean look to the exterior of your house, as it consists entirely of rectangular panels that are situated symmetrically. This style is available in a variety of materials, from steel to wood, and can be outfitted in numerous colors. It is designed primarily to blend in with the rest of the home. Despite the uniformity of these panels, some of them come equipped with small windows towards the top that make for a more elegant appearance.

Carriage-House Doors

If you wish for your home to have a more rustic and traditional look, consider the carriage-house style, which is a style that’s designed to provide you with a barn-like appearance to the door. This style works particularly well with homes that have been constructed in the similarly unique Spanish Mission or Craftsman styles. They usually come equipped with a swing-out appearance that’s achieved by having two door handles placed side-by-side in the middle of the door. If you want to complete the rustic look that accompanies this door style, you might consider selecting one that’s made of wood.

Contemporary Doors

This is a modern style that gives off a simplistic look due to the usage of clean lines throughout, although these lines can be situated in a number of ways. If you want a variety of different design options when selecting your next garage door, a contemporary door is one that you should heavily consider. Once you’ve chosen the right door, make sure to request services for garage installation in Bakersfield to have the door installed professionally.