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Common Garage Door Opening Challenges

A jamming door characterizes standard garage door challenges. Some of these challenges you may come across are simple to notice and handle, especially with the help of a professional. In Long Beach, you can access garage door repair Visalia services that offer consultancy.

Wall Switch And Remote Control Failure

One common issue with garage door openers is wall switch and remote control failure. For starters, check the power connection to both the remote. The wall plug of the opener should be well plugged in.

The other possible reason for lack of opener response could be that the fuse, the GFCI, or the circuit breaker that control your opener’s circuit may have burned out or tripped. When this recurs a lot, there is enough reason to suspect a short circuit. The motor could also have burned out to cause the jamming.

Keypad And Remote Failure

Your keypad or remote control may fail to move your garage door for a few reasons. For instance, you could be too far from the garage door, so the radio signals fail to reach the garage door. Another possibility is that the motor unit antenna is facing upwards instead of downwards, or it could be that it may have experienced some damage. Also, check to see whether the remote control or keypad battery life may have run out. Finally, the programming of the keypad or remote control may be lost and might need resetting.

Garage Door Reversal At Floor Impact

If your door is reversing when it hits the floor, the closing force subject to an adjustment screw may need adjusting to bring out lower sensitivity. You should also check the rollers, which may experience rust or damage. This results in extra friction which tricks the garage floor to think that it has already reached the level.

The door could immediately reverse as a result of an adjustment error in the screw adjusting the close limit, or your garage door may not be fully open. The garage door may fail to fully open as a result of the up-limit switch moving closer to the motor. You will mostly encounter this problem with new garage doors. Remember also that damaged or rusty rollers may cause the door to open partially.