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Raccoons can destroy wiring and many other garage door components when they invade a home. Although these animals are smart, a typical homeowner can avoid costly repairs by following a few easy steps.

Suburban Garage Protection Against Raccoons

When raccoons invade a property, they target anything that provides shelter. As a result, a garage is a prime destination for raccoons in suburban areas. All raccoons have strong teeth that can chew through the wiring that powers vital garage door components and influence the need for garage door repair in Bakersfield, which is why every homeowner needs proper defensive strategies in order to keep these animals off a landscape.

Fix Faulty Hardware

A raccoon can easily access a garage when the equipment that manages the opening components malfunctions. If your door lifts automatically occasionally, you may want to work with a garage door technician in order to pinpoint and resolve the problem before a raccoon invades the garage.

Repairs should also be considered when a garage door doesn’t close completely. Although a small gap may not seem like a big issue, a smart raccoon could try to squeeze under the panel by using its strength. This is why garage door jams should be fixed in a timely manner.

Relocate or Strengthen Trash Cans

If your family eats a lot of food that produces harsh odors, all garbage cans must be placed in a spot that’s far away from the garage. The food might attract raccoons to the yard, and they may try to invade the home after they’ve had a snack when a car slowly exits the garage. Accessories can be used if you want to protect your trashcans outside. Locks, ropes, and heavy covers are a few tools that can keep various garbage can lids closed when a raccoon tries to harvest items.

Roof Strategies

A raccoon can climb objects near a home with ease, so you must inspect the roof over your garage on a regular basis. Once a raccoon frequently accesses a roof, the animal may discover strategic ways to enter the house. The best way to avoid this situation is by cutting down branches and relocating poles.