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How to Protect Your Garage Door From Pests

Your home is often a target for different types of critters that are looking for food and shelter at different times of the year. Unfortunately, the garage door is no exception and can become damaged. If you want to protect the materials and parts, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Remove Food

Rodents and insects are attracted to different types of food sources, making it necessary to sweep the garage once each week. If you store your grill in the garage, clean it thoroughly to prevent it from attracting bugs. Dog or cat food that is stored in the garage should be placed in an airtight container.

If you have a wood garage door that can attract termites, the frame should be constructed out of pressure-treated material. Some of the most common signs of termites in garage doors include damaged wood, mud tunnels, and termite frass or droppings that are present. You’ll also want to remove mulch or wood chips that are in proximity to the garage door to avoid attracting termites.

Use Traps

Traps are known as a useful tool to use if you have mice or other types of pests on the property. You can rely on peanut butter or pieces of cheese to bait the mice and attract them to the trap. You can also spray pesticides around the windows and garage door to limit the number of bugs or animals that are attracted to the garage.

Check for Cracks

Examine the foundation to determine if any cracks are present and look for cracks that are present on the inside or the exterior of the garage door. There may also be gaps that are present around the windows on the door, which need to be sealed or caulked by a garage door repair professional.

You can also add new weather stripping on the garage door to seal cracks that are present. You’ll need to replace old weather stripping if it’s cracked or loose, which can be found at a local home improvement store.