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Questions About R-Value You Should Ask Your Garage Door Technician

Most homeowners have some concern about their garage such as how well it can protect their family cars, secure their home, and keep their energy bills from getting too expensive. Your garage door needs to insulate your home and keep it at a temperature that comforts everyone in your family.

To judge how well your garage door insulates your home, you can look at your door’s R-Value. Garage door manufacturers provide the R-Value of a door, but it can be tricky when it comes time to compare. This article will look at the best questions you should ask when you choose your next garage door.

What Is R-Value?

The R-Value of your garage door tells you about its thermal efficiency. It’s a complicated way of telling homeowners how well their garage door will insulate the garage. The R-Value of your door will you if it’s energy efficient. Manufacturers also base this value on the insulation’s thickness and the chemical properties of the materials in your door. You can’t always judge a door based on its R-Value due to the differences in garage door ratings. Therefore, it’s best to ask the experts in Bakersfield garage door repairs about which door will work best for your garage.

Know What’s Being Advertised

Most manufacturers will give an R-Value based on their door’s thermal efficiency. Some other companies base their R-Value on other parts of their doors. One example could involve doing calculations based on the center door panel. This will often bump up the door’s R-Value over calculations that get based on the entire door.

If you buy a door whose manufacturer calculated the R-Value from the best panel, you may not always get what you expect. Make sure that your garage door installer doesn’t put in a door that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Ask About Your Garage Door’s R-Value During Installation

When the finishing touches get put on your garage door, ask your garage repair technician if your door’s R-Value changed during the process. When windows and glass get added to your garage door, the R-Value can get reduced because a gap can occur in the insulation of the door. You could get insulated glass, but that costs more and won’t add to your door’s R-Value. Ask your garage door technician for cost-effective solutions, if possible.