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Causes of Garage Doors That Shake

The operation of your garage door determines how easy and convenient it is to use when getting in and out of the garage each day. Due to all of the different parts that are installed, the product can be prone to suffering from mechanical problems over time. If you notice that the door jerks back and forth when it’s in motion, it’s important to know the causes and how you can fix the issue.

Complications With the Track

The track may be the cause of a shaky garage door if it’s become dirty or there’s an obstruction. In some cases, the track may even be bent out of shape, which can affect how smoothly the garage door rollers operate. You may notice crimps and bends that are present, which can often be hammered out if the damage is minor. More severe damage that is present will require the help of a professional or installing new parts. A lack of lubrication on the parts will also cause the rollers and springs to have issues when they’re in use on the track.

Problems With the Rollers and Hardware

The rollers and hardware that is installed may also be responsible for a garage door that doesn’t run smoothly. Check to see if the rollers make noise when they operate, which may require a professional garage door repair in Bakersfield to prevent jerking from occurring. Screws and hinges that have become loose may also be the cause of the problem, which makes it necessary to perform a visual inspection of everything before performing any repairs.

Pulley Damage

Pulleys are also known to cause garage doors to shake and are held together by ball bearings. Over time, they can become dirty and can accumulate debris in their casings. They can also become split if they reach the end of their life span and start to break down due to frequent use. The shaking begins when the cables get caught and start to jerk the door.