garage door repair


Understanding why a garage door falls off its tracks can help you to prevent the problem from happening again and help you to maintain the safety of your property.

Three Reasons Why Garage Doors Dislodge from Their Tracks

Garage doors are able to go up and down because they are mounted onto tracks. If the door’s rollers become unfastened or damaged, they can cause the door to become separated from one or both sides of the tracks. This is a safety hazard that can be repaired by technicians from a local Bakersfield garage service. Understanding why the door has fallen off its tracks can help you to prevent it from happening again.

Worn Cables

Worn cables that support the door may cause it to fall off its tracks. Cables become worn with years of use. Extremely hot or cold temperatures may cause the cables to prematurely fail. If the cables were not the proper gauge or strength for the type of door that you have, this can also cause them to wear out or snap without warning. Once per year, inspect the cables for fraying, thinning and other damage.

Track Obstructions

An obstruction in the track may cause the garage door to fall off the system. Tracks can be obstructed with an errant baseball, a rusted roller that snapped off the door or even a bird’s nest. An obstruction in the track is usually a quick repair, but you will not be able to use or access your garage until the door is back on its tracks.

Accidental Impact

Accidentally driving your car, motorcycle or a bike into the garage door can dislodge it from the tracks. This type of an impact can also damage the door’s steel frame and the wooden framing of the door’s opening. If this type of an accident takes place, the entire door and opening system may need to be repaired or replaced. A severe impact may require significant home repairs.