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Why Bees Could Be Attracted to Your Garage

If you notice a few bees buzzing around your garage, it may or may not be cause for concern. As a general rule, they will not sting or otherwise attack you unless they feel threatened. As long as you keep your distance, they will simply fly around until they find whatever they are looking for. Let’s take a closer look at why bees may have been attracted to your garage in the first place.

They Smell Something Sweet

If you have soda bottles that haven’t been washed, bees may pick up on the scent of the sugary substance and move toward your home. The same is true if they smell honey or anything else that may have a sweet aroma. If there are flowers just outside of the garage, the bees may have been looking for them and decided to make a detour into the garage instead.

There Is a Convenient Spot for a Nest

Bees will create nests in overhangs, in flower pots or in any other location that has access to food and is relatively safe from predators. In some cases, they will form a nest in a wall cavity, which means that the presence of a nest may not be immediately apparent. However, it may be possible to infer its location by looking at where bees enter and exit the garage or garage wall.

Bees May Cause Damage to a Garage Door

If you have recently gotten rid of a large number of bees, it may be a good idea to have a Bakersfield garage door repair professional come to your home. This may make it possible to replace garage door panels, springs or any other components that were damaged by an influx of bees in your garage.