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Prevent a Break-in with These Garage Safety Tips

The garage door is one of the main access points of a home that can allow an intruder to get into the house and steal valuables. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the necessary measures to secure their garage door and make it difficult for thieves to enter. If you want to prevent a break-in and protect your property, there are a few garage safety tips to follow.

Perform Repairs Immediately

If your home is in need of garage door repairs in Visalia, it can make your house a target if an intruder discovers that your door is malfunctioning and is easy to open. If the springs need to be replaced or the door isn’t balancing properly, it’s important to call a professional technician the same day to keep the door secure and prevent it from being vulnerable to a break-in. Make it a point to perform an inspection each year to identify any signs of wear or damage to maintain the strength and security of the feature.

Install Controls in the Right Place

With keypads and controls that are used to operate the garage door, you will want to place them in an area where kids can’t reach them. You will also want to inform your children of the rules surrounding the usage of the garage door to prevent a stranger from using your kids to have access to the building. Avoid giving out the keypad code to neighbors and always cover the pad when typing the code in to prevent an onlooker from seeing the numbers.

Use a Zip Tie to Make a Break-In Harder

Thieves can break into any type of garage door by using a coat hanger to release the emergency handle. If you plan to leave the house for an extended period of time, use a zip tie to add to the loop on the emergency latch to prevent an intruder from gaining entry. The zip tie is inexpensive and easy to install whenever you want an extra lock added.