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Fix Your Garage Tracks Now And Avoid Problems Later

Waiting to repair garage door tracks can cause much larger problems and even be unsafe. Repair your dented or broken tracks as soon as possible to avoid paying more or destroying your property. Repair your track if it is dented or broken before it turns into a larger issue.

A Dent Does Not Always Stay Just A Dent

A dent may not seem like a very large issue because the garage still goes up and down just fine but in fact, it can cause much larger issues. A dent can put a strain on the mechanics of the garage door that helps it move. This could mean that by not fixing the track dent today, you need to replace the garage door motor and track tomorrow. Also, by leaving the dent you risk the garage door falling off the track and possibly damaging your property. Garage track repair is less expensive than replacing your property or a whole garage, so you should consider fixing it as soon as possible.

Larger Issues Could Exist That You Are Not Aware Of

Dents could exist because a car or truck bumped into the track. This amount of force could knock sensors off track and possibly hinder some of the safety features garages have. Also, there could be more unseen dents that are putting a strain on the motor or creating the possibility of your garage falling off the track.

Inspect Your Track and See If They Need Repair

Most people do not spend too much time staring at their garage track, so many dents can go unseen for months or even years. Inspect your track to see if there are any dangerous dents or cracks in it. You should look on the back side of the track as well as the front because the back side can be dented as well. Make sure the inspection is thorough by checking both sides of the track along the entire track.