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garage door repairs Bakersfield

Garage Door Repairs in Bakersfield

After years of service, one day you press the activator button for your garage door, and nothing happens. While some simple fixes can be completed by the homeowner, such as replacing a dead remote battery or cleaning dirty photo eyes, several stuck-door repairs will require the help of professionals to ensure safe and correct maintenance. So, if you find your garage door cannot be opened, here are some fixes you may be able to expect from the Bakersfield garage door repair specialists.

Broken Springs Can Break the Whole System

Some of the most vital components of a fully functional garage door system are healthy and whole springs. Although this is one of the most common problems, it is also one of the most dangerous, as broken springs mean your heavy garage door is not properly supported to move safely. Professional garage door repair technicians can assess the damage to your springs and replace the broken components with new torsion or extension springs as needed.

If Your Garage Door Cannot Open, It Could Mean Door Track Issues

If you have noticed a squeaking or scratching sound previously when operating your garage door, it could mean that one or both of your door tracks is becoming misaligned. Eventually, this issue can increase to the point that the door cannot function at all. To be certain your garage door can move unimpeded, a repairman can carefully measure and judge the alignment of your door tracks and make adjustments where possible. If the track is drastically bent, a replacement track may be required to get the door back in shape.

Broken Cables Will Keep Your Garage Door Grounded

Another very hazardous situation is created when the cables within the garage door mechanism become stretched to the point of snapping entirely. These cables are essentially the muscles that allow the door to move up and down on its tracks smoothly. Without proper, healthy cabling, your heavy garage door is stuck in place, unable to budge. Again, this is a repair that needs to be trusted to professional repairman in order to ensure safety for you and your household and to keep your garage door moving properly for many years to come.


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