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Do You Need Garage Door Repair in Visalia for a Door Off Its Tracks?

Living in a hectic and fast-paced world, the last thing we want to think about it is a malfunctioning garage door. A garage door getting off its track is more common than you think. This is especially true for overhead garage doors. However, there are options for garage door repair in Visalia.

Signs That the Garage Door Is Off Its Track and in Need of Garage Door Repair in Visalia

If you notice that when you click your remote button your garage door won’t move, this is a sign of a problem with the track. Another sign may be a terrible grinding noise when the garage door does open. You will have to address these issues immediately because it is a safety issue. You also may not be able to get your car inside or outside of the garage.

Cease Operation and Disconnect the Door

Once you realize you have an issue with your garage door, you want to stop using it. If you continue to use it, it can lead to a bigger issue later on down the road. Bigger issues mean higher repair costs.

Pull the rope or handle at the track’s center to disconnect the garage door. The rope should be a red color. When you pull it, it will disengage the garage door opener. So, now you can’t use the opener to open the garage door.

Find the Cause and Prepare for Garage Door Repair in Visalia

Next, you want to manually lift the door to look at the track. You want to find out why the garage door came off the tracks. There are a few reasons why this could have happened:

Loose or Damaged Tracks

The tracks should be anchored to the walls of your garage. If the tracks are separated from the garage walls, this can cause the garage door to stop functioning and get off the track. If this is the case, find out the location the track separated from the wall. Then, you want to get the necessary tools, like a wrench or ratchet handle, to fix it. Tighten the loose bolts, and put the bracket back on the wall. Tracks that are dented or damages will cause the garage door to get off them easily. It doesn’t even have to be a large dent for the door to malfunction. You may not notice the dents right away. So, look out for them.

When your car accidentally bumps into your garage door, it can create a dent in the tracks. Just putting away your garbage bins week after week can also cause damage. Fixing dent depends on how much damage has been done to the track. You can use a hammer and block of wood to straighten out the dents in the tracks. A rubber mallet may be better to use as it is gentler. However, if your tracks have serious damage, it may be best to replace them altogether. Not replacing them can cause more damage to the garage door. It can also become a safety hazard in the long run.

Rollers Are Out of Alignment or Dirty

If you have inspected the tracks for dents and found no issues, it may be that the rollers are out of alignment. You can use a level to find out if they are misaligned. Horizontal tracks are supposed to be angled slightly in the direction of the back of the garage. The roll-up door tracks are supposed to be leveled exactly. If you find that not be the case, you need to put the rollers back in position. You can do that by loosening the brackets, putting the rollers in position, and tapping them into alignment.

Rollers can act as a magnet for dirt. When your garage has a lot of dust and dirt, this can get caught between the rollers. If you don’t clean your rollers often, this can cause the garage door to come off the tracks. Every so often, you should clean the rollers. You can do this with a household cleaning product you have on hand. Once the rollers are clean, you may notice that the issue with your garage door coming off the tracks is resolved.

Lack of Lubrication or Loose Parts

Lubrication is an important aspect of keeping your garage door on track. When inspecting the tracks and rollers of the garage door, you may discover that your rollers lack lubrication. Lubrication allows the rollers to function smoothly. Rollers that aren’t lubricated can damage your garage door. Unlubricated rollers will cause the garage door to grind against them, sending the garage door off the tracks. Simply spray a few spurts of lubricant or powdered graphite. Silicone spray is the best lubricant for rollers. You can find the spray at almost any hardware store.

A garage door system has many moving parts. Any of them could be responsible for why your garage door is coming off the tracks. You may have some loose parts in your garage door system. Check to see if any hinges, bolts, or screws are loose.

The Wrap Up for Garage Door Repair in Visalia

If your garage door has come off its tracks, stop using it. If you notice that anything needs to be cleaned, lubricated, tightened, or replaced, take care of those things. You want to address these issues immediately to avoid further damage. If you have a garage door in Visalia, you can seek out services for garage door repair in Visalia to help with the door.