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Signs You Garage Door Safety Sensors Need Replaced

Garage door manufacturers make sensors that detect the presence of any object beneath the door, which keeps the door from closing. Those sensors keep your family and pets safe while also keeping the door protected. A door that closes on a box or car can go off track and develop some dents too. You can easily check for signs of sensor problems before making a repair appointment.

A Blinking Light

Many garage doors have a safety eye placed near the center of the garage and near the top of the door. This eye has a light inside that blinks when the door moves. If the light keeps blinking without the door moving, it can be a sign of faulty wiring or another problem with the sensor. Depending on the garage door brand that you have, this light may flash bright green or red.

The Door Doesn’t Drop

Another sign that you need a garage door repair is when the door doesn’t actually drop or close. Many people notice that their doors begin coming down but then stop and go back up. The main reason this occurs is because of something in the vicinity that the sensor detects as a hazard. It will prevent the door from closing until you fix the problem or move that object.

A Closing Door

The most common sign of a sensor problem is when the door closes no matter who or what is around. Instead of the sensor detecting you walking or driving underneath the door, it sees the space as free and clear, which allows the door to come down. The door may not even stop when it touches the top of your car or your head. This can be a sign that your sensors need replaced. Only professional garage techs can determine exactly what is wrong with your garage door sensors and the repairs that you need to feel safe again.