A Termite Prevention Strategy Protects a Garage Door


Termites can make a wooden garage door less valuable by slowly chewing through the housing. In order to prevent termite damage on a wood door, a few strategic steps must be followed.

How to Keep Termites Away From a Garage Door

When termites chew through a wooden garage door, they make holes where rainwater can easily access. During a rainstorm, the slanted rain could easily splash onto gears and springs. If this happens, you may need garage door repair in Bakersfield. A good defensive is the best way to protect a garage from termite damage, and you can keep these bugs off your property by managing the landscape properly.

Why Soil Management Is Important

Termites have subterranean habits, which means that they construct colonies underneath soil and travel to different areas around a landscape by crawling through tunnels. Mud tubes are usually built by termites; these tubes help the insects to access areas where food is found, such as the foundation of a home.

Routines for Soil

Waste lumber should never be buried in your yard. When this kind of waste combines with soil, it creates an environment that attracts termites.

After twigs and plants decay, always carefully remove the debris so that termites won’t access the area. If a plant has wilted while it’s still firmly in the ground, you must pull the roots out of the soil.

Mulch contains many pieces of pulped wood, so it will attract hungry termites. The amount of mulch can influence the number of termites that could invade your property. This is why you must only place a generous amount of the product around your plants when needed.