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Types of Door Springs for Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs

Like most homeowners, you have perhaps overlooked your garage door springs. Are you aware that they are vital components of your garage door? The main objective of a garage door spring is to let you raise and lower the garage door effortlessly. As you can see, they are essential items that should be treated with the utmost care. But even with the best care, there are times when you may need Bakersfield garage door repairs.

So, what are the main types of garage door springs in the market? It’s worth noting that different spring options exist for different doors. In general, though, these components are available in two major categories: extension springs and torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs store energy through stretching and extending. On closing the garage door, a lot of weight is exerted from the horizontal track, increasing tension to the already stretched extension springs. In general, each door comes with two extension springs. Every spring runs parallel to the horizontal track and is positioned on either side of the garage door.

The extension springs run independently, but the garage door’s weight should have equal distribution for them to function correctly. An uneven garage door can move up or down the rack bumpily, leading to unwanted stress to the door opener and tracks. It would be beneficial if all the springs stayed in the best condition, optimizing the garage door’s lifespan. Inspect your garage door springs regularly and get Bakersfield garage door repairs when needed.

Depending on the type of end, the extension springs are further categorized into the following:

Open Looped

It is the most straightforward type of extension spring to replace because it does not necessitate pulley disassembling or eyebolt opening. However, the fact that the whole spring depends on an open wire at the end means that the entire spring requires replacement. Here is where having a clip at the end of the spring saves you a couple of dollars.

Double Looped

A double loop end garage door spring is more potent than an open-loop one. Double looped springs comprise two coils attached to the eyebolt and pulley at the spring’s end. The only unwelcome thing about these springs is that replacing them is a tall order. Due to this, it would be wise to engage professional Bakersfield garage door repairs for proficient services.

Clipped Ends

Clipped ends are the sturdiest amongst all types of extension springs. They also have an extended lifespan because the clips exert minimal pressure on the spring. The clip ends extension springs perfectly suit garage doors that weigh about 200 lbs. and more. However, replacing them is challenging.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are commonly found on sectional doors. Usually, this system positions the springs on a metal shaft, also known as a torsion shaft, attached above a garage door’s opening. Although there needs to be a noticeable spring on a typical torsion spring system, some systems can have up to four springs.

Remember that the total number of springs equipped to any garage door type comes down to the door’s height and weight, along with the spring’s strength. Extension springs are designed to stretch, but the torsion springs are wound, tensioned, and locked in proportion to the assembly.

Torsion springs equally distribute their energy across the metal shaft. The drums and attached cables will start to spin to lift the door as you open the garage door. Here are the main types of torsion springs.

Standard Torsion Spring to Avoid Bakersfield Garage Door Repairs Immediately

These are the most common springs in the industry, and residential garage doors feature either one or two springs. One spring attached in the middle of the shaft and above the door is enough to have a light garage door. In some cases, the spring may have an offset mount, requiring the installer to avoid positioning the anchor bracket above the door’s center.

Supposing two torsion springs are balancing the garage door, it means they are attached to the spring anchor bracket above the door’s middle section. A garage door with two springs seems incredibly safe, mainly when a spring breaks when the door is open. The left spring will prevent the door from rolling in such a scenario.

Early Set Torsion Spring

Although it appears to be like the standard one, it comes with different hardware. Installers position these springs to the winders on the shaft’s ends. Like the standard torsion springs, either one or two springs can be mounted on the shaft. It is recommended that the expansive garage doors have at least two shafts and a coupler at the center to link the two. This feature saves you time and risks when replacing the springs.

Torque Master Torsion Spring

This type of spring is designed to offer optimal safety. It comes armed with a winding cone on the opposite end, which passes through the cable drum and extends past the shaft’s end. The winding cone comfortably fits inside a unique winder, making it easy to twist the torsion spring with an electric drill.

Steel Rolling Door Torsion Spring

A steel rolling door is different from other garage doors because it lacks sections. Instead, it contains interlocking slats that give the door extensive mobility during the opening. The rising garage door safely wraps around the barrel thanks to the additional mobility. A torsion spring is mounted inside the barrel to counterbalance the door’s weight for smooth operation. Some doors contain a single spring, but commercial ones have several springs due to the weighty door.

Which Is the Best Garage Door Spring?

Well, this comes down to your budget and preference. Extension springs are often famous amongst residential homeowners because they are inexpensive. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that it poses more danger due to a host of exposed parts.

On the other hand, Torsion springs can endure more weight than extension springs. Also, their lifespan is double that of extension springs. Overall, they offer a better balance to operate the garage door quickly and smoothly. The torsion springs are safer than extension springs as they feature minimal exposed parts. However, these valuable benefits make them pricey.

It is sensible to consider the success of torsion springs before comparing the affordability of extension springs. If you are trying to install or repair a garage door on your own, it is worth noting that the two springs function using a lot of stress. Thus, consider getting help from a professional Bakersfield garage door repair provider to minimize injuries or even fatalities.

In the end, your garage door spring is a vital part of your garage door. Thus, it would be valuable to identify the one attached to your door. Garage door springs can either be torsion or extension springs and acquainting yourself with both will make it easy for you to figure out the one that suits your door best.