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Time to Tidy Up Your Garage, Too!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve likely heard of Marie Kondo. A pint-sized Netflix star with a passion for de-cluttering, Kondo is an organizational expert who’s helped millions of people tidy up and take control of their living spaces. So why not Kondo your personal shrine to chaos: the garage?

Step One: Garage Tidying

The garage is the most neglected room in the American home, and it’s little wonder why: They’re little more than glorified garbage dumps! It’s the land of abandoned hobbies and aborted projects, home to 30-year-old paint and 40-year-old bank records. You know rodents probably nest in there, right? Take heart, though! You’re not alone. Most of Visalia’s garages are currently hot-mess hotels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take Marie Kondo’s advice and extend some tender tidying up care to your garage, too.

Step Two: Garage Maintenance

After you’ve dumped the detritus and organized the remains, you’ll still have one more task to complete: door maintenance. Just like your car or motorcycle, automatic garage doors need tune-ups. So when the de-cluttering is done, call in a company that does garage door repairs in Visalia to check your springs, tighten the bolts, and make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

At first, the task may seem too daunting. But a clean and organized garage is possible! And once you’ve triumphed over the mess, one less hidden stress will be weighing you down.

Good luck and happy garage tidying!