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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

When you’re trying to get to work or drive to school and notice that your garage door won’t open, there are plenty of reasons as to why this might be the case, some of which can be easier to repair than others. In any case, most of these issues will require the assistance of a repair technician so that you can make sure the repair is being performed properly. Understanding why your garage door isn’t opening now may be able to help you avoid the same situation in the future.

Power Source Is Being Disrupted

This is among the easiest problems to fix and should also be the first thing you check once you notice that the door won’t open. Make sure that the opener for your garage door is connected to an outlet that is working. An outlet can stop working suddenly, which means that you shouldn’t disregard the possibility that the power source is being disrupted. Try plugging another electronic device into the outlet to determine whether its the outlet or simply the door that isn’t working as it should.

Door Has Become Dislodged From the Track

If the door has become dislodged from its track, it won’t be able to slide upwards properly. To determine if this is the case, take a look at the door and see if the door is rolling evenly along the metal track. Check to see if there are any bumps or gaps within the track and then watch the progress of the door. If the door starts squeaking along the way, there’s likely an issue with its alignment.

Photo-Eye Is Out of Its Alignment

Another common problem that causes a garage door to not open is if the photo-eye is out of alignment. The photo-eye in modern garage doors is designed to detect if an object is under the door when closing and will stop the door if something is detected. This eye could malfunction and keep your door closed. Don’t try to fix the garage door yourself, as this could be dangerous. Consider retaining the services of a company that offers garage door repair in Visalia.