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Important Garage Door Safety Features That You Should Know About

You likely enjoy the convenience of pushing a button to open your garage and park your car, and garage door openers provide you with a safe environment for returning home when it’s dark outside. It is important to remember that the door you are operating is the size of a wall, and that makes it a potential safety hazard. Confirming that the following safety features are properly functioning ensures garage door safety.

Infrared Sensors for Extra Protection

Your garage door opener comes equipped with a separate sensing technology that uses an infrared beam, and your garage door remains open when someone or something obstructs the beam. The infrared sensor ensures garage door safety only when installed properly, so it is important to follow the provided instructions when installing a garage door opener. To test the sensor, obstruct the beam with an inanimate object. The door should remain open when you attempt to close it.

Automatic Reverse Settings Vital for Garage Door Safety

A good garage door opener comes equipped with sensing technology that keeps the door from closing on a person or object. The technology causes the door to stop and reverse into the open position by using the programed force settings. You can test the force settings by placing a concrete block or other solid inanimate objects beneath the door without interrupting the beam from the infrared sensors. The door should reverse to open when it comes into contact with the object while the door is closing.

Understanding the Manual Release Function

If the safety technology malfunctions or there is a power outage, your garage door opener comes equipped with a feature that allows you to manually operate it. It is a red handle connected to the door, and when you pull it, it bypasses the motor in your garage door opener. If your garage door equipment needs repair, Bakersfield garage door repair services are available 24 hours a day to get your door functioning safely again.