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Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Slide Off Track

When you open your garage door, you expect it to open smoothly and close just as effortlessly. The track that works with that door can suffer from damage that leads to the door coming off track and bumping against you or your garage. Before repair technicians come to your home, you can check out some of the reasons why you keep experiencing this problem.

Track Dents

One of the top reasons why a garage door comes off its track is because of dents in the track itself. This track has a special design that allows it to work with your door. It surrounds the door on each side and keeps that door in place. Even the smallest of dents in the track can keep the door from gliding smoothly. When you use too much pressure, the door will come off that track. The tech may need to remove the track and remove the dents or replace one or more parts of the track.

Improper Lubrication

You may not think that your door needs any lubrication until you hire someone to do a garage track repair for you. Lubrication is important because it provides the smooth feeling that you need as you push and pull the door. If you have a door stuck in place or find that it frequently comes off track, it may need a small amount of lubrication.

Trapped Debris

Garage repair professionals will also check that track for any trapped debris. Debris can include newspaper and other trash that accumulates along the track. That debris will block the door from moving and require that you use more force to make it move, which can lead to the door sliding off the track. You can talk with the repair tech about any of these issues that you see in your door.