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How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Contractor

It’s never easy to select contractors to replace your garage door, especially if you’ve never had to do it before. This article will teach you a few tips for choosing experts in Bakersfield garage door repairs.

Reputation, Location, and Accreditation

If you need to get your garage door replaced, first ask your friends and family for referrals. Perhaps someone you know was pleased with their garage contractors. Ask them for details about their experience. After you ask your loved ones for referrals, visit the websites of nearby garage repair technicians. Look for testimonials from former customers.

Once you have a couple of contractors you’re thinking about hiring, visit their place of business. Look at the products that they carry and gauge their understanding of customer service.

Lastly, ask all potential contractors about their accreditation. Do they belong to a professional association? Do they belong to the local Better Business Bureau? Do they have an “A” grade? Can you find them on websites such as Angie’s List, where you can make judgments on their professionalism?

Experience and Emergency Service

You’ll want to ask how long the garage repair technician has been in business. You should also ask the contractor for the names and numbers of former customers. When you get these numbers, don’t be afraid to talk to the references.

Look for a technician that provides emergency services. You don’t want to live with a broken garage door for a week, so ask contractors if they have a 24/7 emergency number that you can call to talk to someone about your garage door problems.

Insurance, Garage Door Quotes, and Guarantees

Always ask to see a potential contractor’s liability insurance coverage. Make sure that the coverage is at least $2 million.

Ask to get a quote, along with everything that is included in the cited price. You should also inquire about what may not get included in the quote.

You should also ask whether the contractor will give you a guarantee on any repairs that get made. At this time, you should ask to see the garage repair technician’s warranty.