garage door repair


Whether building a new garage or simply need a new garage door, there are various factors to take into consideration. Constructions materials, style and cost are some of the many points to think about before making a purchase.

Investing in a Garage Door

A new garage door is an investment that serves a function along with helping to add to the appearance of your home. The color and style of a garage door is especially important when highly visible. Before contacting a Bakersfield garage service, take into consideration how your garage is mostly used. In addition to storing vehicles, some structures also serve as workshops, utility rooms or a children’s play area. There are a number of factors to think about when choosing a garage door.

Garage Door Basics

The first step in getting a garage door involves determining the size needed. If the door is easily seen from the front or side of your home, select a style that complements the overall architectural design. Windows or window panels provide a view to the outside while letting light shine inside. Panel style is another consideration. The door might feature flush, short or long-raised panels. Two-tone painted panels are a great way to bring out the colors of your home and trim.

Overall Construction

These days, the majority of garage doors are made using steel or wood. Wood is very versatile and panels are made in a variety of styles ranging from simple to ornate. The doors are usually painted or stained. Steel is more cost-effective compared to wood. Steel doors are also colored or painted to resist rust. If a steel door style does not come in a preferred color, the door can be painted to match or accent the home’s color.

Special Considerations

Homeowners often use their garages for extended living spaces, hobby areas or playrooms. In this instance, the garage and the garage door should have sufficient insulation. In warmer climates, the R-value should be at least 3 for a garage door. In locations having harsh winters, an R-value should be closer to 10. Doors having multiple panels should also have weather sealing in the spaces along with a threshold seal on the bottom of the door. When shopping around, you will find doors constructed of one, two or three layers. Double and triple-layered doors feature polystyrene or polyurethane backing along with additional layers of steel, which add further weather protection.