organizing your garage

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How to Maintain a Clean and Organized Garage

The garage is a space that is used to store everything from sporting equipment to holiday decorations for those who want to utilize the storage space that is available. Although you may be able to keep extra items in the garage, it can begin to become cluttered over time. If you’re ready to organize the garage and keep it tidy, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Use a Slat Wall

Make use of the vertical space that is available in the garage, which will free up items that sit out on your workbench or the floor of the garage. Slat walls can be installed to hang and organize smaller tools and items that can be difficult to find when they become cluttered. It can also be used for hanging brooms, rakes, and containers that hold smaller gardening tools. You can add as many baskets or hooks that are needed. Pegboard walls are also useful for tools and masking tape.

Hang Sporting Equipment From the Ceiling

The ceiling is an additional place to hang hooks where you can store your bicycles overhead or other types of sporting equipment and free up extra space on the floor. There are also overhead storage racks available that can also be mounted on the ceiling, which can allow you to have a place to store boxes that aren’t accessed frequently. The racks can keep the space tidy and will even let you park an extra car in the garage with the extra space it provides. Wire shelving is also an option for the walls. Hire a professional who performs garage door repair in Bakersfield to ensure that the racks are out of the way of the garage and don’t affect how it operates.

Add Cabinets

Cabinets are another type of product to use in the garage if you need extra storage space and want to keep certain items concealed. Consider purchasing an eight-food unit that can be used to store your paint cans and gardening tools.