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The Importance of Getting a Garage Door Inspection

The garage door is one of the most important components of a home. Not only does it provide protection for our vehicles, but it can also be utilized to protect our belongings as well as the rest of the home. However, over time any garage door will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Thus, it is important to get used to the idea of performing a garage door inspection every six months to a year. Not convinced yet? The following list includes information regarding the importance of performing a regular inspection.


One of the most common garage door problems that homeowners experience is the wearing down of the garage door components. A proper inspection checklist will include not only the inspection of the garage door itself but also the various components that are attached to it. Failure to do so can increase the risk of the garage door giving weigh to its faulty parts and injuring someone below it. A falling garage door can also do serious damage to your car. Note that many of these parts are either complex or dangerous to deal with, and thus you should contact a Bakersfield garage door repairs company.


For many years, the garage was located behind the home, and thus no attention was paid to its design. However, today’s newly built homes have their garage door almost front and center. Thus, in order to keep the curb appeal of your home and your initial investment, you will need to conduct a regular inspection on not only the components of the door but also its aesthetics. This means re-painting faded areas or giving those windows a nice dusting.

Save Money With an Annual Inspection

Garage door replacements can be quite an expensive thing to have on your books. Not only do you have to pay for materials, but you might also need to have different specializes come in to work on it. Garage door installers and maybe even an electrician for the more complex electrical work might be in order. Conducting regular inspections can help you find problems areas quickly and fix them before they get too serious.