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How to Fix Your Garage Door’s Broken Belt Drive

A belt drive garage door opener operates using a rubber belt sliding on a trolley. Belt drives have less hardware than other systems, which make them less prone to needing a Bakersfield garage door repair. However, after constant use, they can still break. Here are some things to do if your door has a broken belt drive.

Start Checking for Broken Torsion Springs

The first thing to check is the torsion springs. Torsion springs exert a force through spiral rotation to open and close the door. They only last so long, and they often make a noise when they break. The door will commonly be too heavy to lift manually. Torsion springs are usually located on both sides of the door and need professional garage repair.

Fix an Opener That Won’t Work

If the belt drive garage door opener won’t work, check the battery and replace it. Check to determine if the manual disconnect, which is commonly a red release cord, has been pulled, and reconnect it.

There should be no objects that block the two photo-eye sensors, and they should be free of dirt. Ensure that plugs are firmly pressed into outlets and a breaker hasn’t tripped. If the wall button fails to operate the remote, examine the wiring for secure connections and damaged wires.

Inspect the Broken Belt Drive

Check the belt and wheels for dirt, and use a cloth to clean them. If the belt squeaks, apply a light coat of oil to the wheels. A binding belt usually means something has been misaligned, such as the rail assembly. Sometimes, tightening the carriage bolts stops the binding. If pulleys or chains look damaged, get them replaced.

When the belt drive on a garage door breaks, it may be because of something simple. Otherwise, you could need professional repair services for complex problems.