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Disability-Friendly Garage Door Options for Those With Disabilities

A home’s garage door is often the most hazardous part of a home. Not only are you constantly interacting with heavy options, but the area itself also may not be the most suitable for all people. The elderly and those with disabilities may have a very difficult time navigating properly around this area. Therefore, here are some disability-friendly garage door options for those with disabilities.

Improve Garage Door Sensors

A garage door’s sensors are installed to prevent people, pets, and larger objects from being crushed by the door as it lowers. These sensors are usually located on the top of each door. Although these sensors would definitely stop for someone in a wheelchair, the distance they reach may not be enough. Someone with a disability may not be standing right in front of the door, and thus, the sensor is essentially useless. It is highly recommended to either improve on this option or have someone perform Visalia garage door repair.

Control Locations

Most garage controls are located at the head-level. These controls usually contain the buttons needed to control not only the door but lights and air conditioning. AS you might be able to tell might now, this can pose an issue for someone with a disability. Consider lowering these controls as a way for everyone to have access to them in the future. In order to prevent children from pressing any of the controls, consider also adding a passcode for each function.

Improve Security for a Disability-Friendly Garage

Unfortunately, many would-be thieves tend to target those with disabilities. This is because they think that even if they make noise, the person won’t be able to stop them. It is highly recommended for homeowners to install additional security features in their garage. This can include motion-sensor cameras, security codes, alarms, and security lights. Always make sure to consult a professional before adding any of these features to your home garage.