new garage built with garage door measurements

new garage built with garage door measurements

How to Correctly Calculate Garage Door Measurements

Whether you’re moving into a new home or replacing an old garage door, there is one important task that you need to complete first, and that is measuring the space. However, there’s is more to it than simply measuring the length and height of the door. Therefore, the following includes a list of steps you need to take to obtain the proper garage door measurements.

Garage Door Width

Let’s begin with the easy parts of this measuring process. First, measure the width of the opening of your garage door. This includes the finished areas of each side of the door. This area is not the outside nor the inside but the space in between.

Height of Opening

The next step is to begin measuring the height of the door opening. Your measurement should begin at the threshold or middle part of the door. This is the area where the door will come down on. The top measurement should reach the finished area of the opening.

Measuring Sides

If you go inside your garage, then you’ll notice a space between your door and the right/left side of the garage wall. This area also needs to be measured as it will be used to install the door’s tracking system. If you’re installing a vertical system, then you will need at least 5 inches or more of available space.

Upper buy oral steroids online Garage Door Measurements

Next, you are going to measure the upper area of the door. Much like the sides, the upper space will be used for several things, such as adding tension springs and allowing enough room for the door to bend as it moves up. You may seek the advice of a company that specializes in garage installations in Bakersfield to determine the type of tension spring you may need for your particular space.


The backroom is the measurement between the opening of your door to the very back. This is done to demonstrate how much room you have to install a door opener as well as how much room your door has available to move back.