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Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe Around Garage Doors

Most households use their garage door each day when they need to access items in the garage or pull their vehicle out. With pets that are around, the animals can be at risk of becoming injured if they get in the way of the garage door. If you want to keep your pets safe around garage doors, there are a few essential tips to follow for added peace of mind.

Avoid Leaving the Garage Door Cracked

Although it may seem like a good idea to keep your garage door cracked for proper ventilation or to provide your pet with a view of the outside, this can often lead to injuries. Garage doors are incredibly durable and can be strong enough to stay open, but the chains can eventually break, which will cause the door to slam down. A safer method is to use bricks to keep the door cracked to prevent it from collapsing.

Check for the Automatic Reverse Function

You’ll need to check your garage door to determine if it has an automatic reverse function to ensure that it doesn’t close down on your pet. Automatic garage doors that are manufactured after 1993 are built with the safety feature to reduce the risk of injury or death. You’ll also want to test the feature every few months with the use of a cinder block or brick to ensure that the sensors still detect objects or animals that are in the way. If the test fails, hire a professional who is qualified to perform Bakersfield garage door repairs.

Keep Pets Safe Around Garage Doors by Avoid Playing Games

Although you may enjoy playing tug or fetch with your dog or cat, it’s important to avoid playing any games around or near the garage door. Your pet may attempt to race under the door to get the object that you’re playing with, which can be dangerous if the door is in the middle of closing. To keep your pets safe around garage doors, keep all games limited to the front or backyard.