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Open Any Garage Door During a Power Outage

Automatic garage doors usually include a bypass for letting the user open the door manually. This bypass is a helpful garage door aspect to have if the power were to ever go out around the home. You might also lose remote control access, and thus, access to the entire door. We’ve detailed step-by-step instructions on how you can open a garage door if the power is gone and you don’t have access to a Visalia garage door repair technician.

Handle The Work With a Safe Ladder

If you know the bypass cord won’t be long enough for you to reach from ground level, you’ll have to use a secure ladder to grab it. Typically the bypass cord will use a red handle and will be closer to the door’s side of the track.

Firmly Pull The Cord

You might have to use a bit of force as you’re pulling the cord as the level that connects to the door is sharply tilted. The lever comes spring-loaded, so tug on the cord until the lever reaches a locked downward position.

Open The Door Manually

Take a hold of the door with both hands and hoist it. If the garage door will not come open, that means the lever is stuck in the slot still. Pull on the cord with more force and take the lever out from the slot until it locks in the downward position. If the garage door isn’t opening, there could be an issue with either the track, the chain or the door.

Don’t Let Go of the Door

Don’t let the door leave your hold after it’s left the ground. It’s free to move the track and it’ll fall to the ground if you let it go. Prop open the door with a two-by-four or get someone to hold it open for you if you need to move your car. After you’re finished in the garage, let it down easy by hand.