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Why Leaks Are Coming Through Your Garage Door

Have you ever discovered rainwater that always seems to find a way into the garage after it rains? It’s definitely annoying to clean. Water infiltration is especially problematic when your driveway has a downward slope, but it can occur in all driveways if you’re not careful. If you cannot find the origin of the water leaking beneath your garage door, check out these possible ways to solve this problem.

Inadequate Garage Door Seals

A damaged seal in Visalia is an extremely common cause of water leakages under a garage door in Visalia. Check at the bottom of your door where it connects with the ground. A pliable rubber gasket can extend from one end of your Visalia garage door to the other. When the gasket is cracked, torn or worn, the seal will not be tight as the door closes. A faulty seal lets water and insects access your garage easier. Get garage door repairs in Visalia to solve this issue.

Inexistent or Damaged Gutters

Your Visalia garage might be getting wet if water is being permitted to drip right off your garage’s roof rather than being properly drained with a gutter. Redirect water away from the garage by putting new downspouts and gutters into place.

Soil Altitude

When the grass on the sides of your driveway is higher than your driveway itself, rainwater can flow into the driveway and drain in your Visalia garage. Think about having the soil grade modified for your yard. Just be sure water isn’t being diverted to flow into the neighbor’s lawn.

Driveway Sloping Downward

Even with the best efforts to prevent water from leaking under your garage door in Visalia, downward sloping driveways are inherently problematic. Your best choice is to put a drain trench in the concrete at the front of your door and fit a PVC or steel pipe. An iron grate goes on top to allow the water to flow into the trench rather than of running onto the garage.