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Three Ways Technology Is Changing How Your Garage Door Works

Today’s newest garage doors come with a full array of features. From fingerprint detection technology to carbon monoxide sensors that detect the presence of unsafe gases, there are many devices that are able to enhance the functionality of your garage door. Even if your garage door is more than a few years old, your Bakersfield garage service could retrofit your home with technology that will change how your garage door works and add convenience to your daily life.

Get in With Your Finger Print

If you have a tendency to forget your house keys, the garage door service technician could install a fingerprint detection pad. Instead of having to use a key or a pin to get into your home, this device scans your fingerprint. The technician can show you how to set the device to accept the fingerprints of each member of your household as well as people you might need to let into your home when you are not there, such as your house cleaner.

Ventilate the Garage in Case of a Carbon Monoxide Gas Leak

If you enjoy doing welding projects, it is possible that fumes from the equipment could reach unsafe levels in your garage. Homes with natural gas service could also experience a leak of carbon monoxide. Your garage door can be outfitted with a carbon monoxide sensor that opens the door when an unsafe amount of the gas is in the air. This ventilates your home and helps to keep you safe.

Courtesy Lights to Help You See

Coming home after dark often means that you cannot see obstacles that are in your way. Garage doors can be outfitted with sensors that trigger courtesy lights. The courtesy lights can be programmed to stay on for a specific amount of time. With the garage lights on, you can safely get out of your car.