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2018 Trends for Residential Garages

The garage door is one of the main features of any type of house due to its size, making it important that it’s in good condition and looks attractive. When you’re ready to purchase a new garage door, it’s essential to research the latest designs and trends with the latest doors on the market. If you’re looking for a contemporary door, there are a few styles and designs to consider for 2018.


More homeowners are choosing to purchase a garage door that has a pop of color and contributes to the design of the home. A splash of color is an easy and affordable way to draw more attention to the house and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Stick to deeper color shades that include gray, dark brown, and dark green to increase the curb appeal of the house and prevent the garage from looking awkward. You can also consider installing a black garage door, which can match the roof and will hide dirt or grime that settles on the surface.


Windows on garages are back in style for 2018 because they illuminate the interior setting and work as a decorative element that allows the garage to blend in with the rest of the house. Some windows are used on the top portion of the garage door whereas others cover the entire door from top to bottom, making a regal statement that is modern and sleek. You can frost the windows to create privacy and also make the feature appear contemporary.

Modern Materials

New garage doors now feature modern materials for added elements that increase the visual appeal of the feature with extra detail that is added. Consider adding a garage door that has steel or glass panels. The panels may come loose and will require you to hire garage door repair to maintain the look of the door. Hollow-core doors are also an option, which is affordable and weighs less compared to other products.