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Most Favorable Garage Door Materials

When it comes to installing a new garage door on your home, the material that is used will determine the longevity and durability of the product. Each type of garage door also has a different style, which should complement the design and style of your residential property. If you’re looking to select a garage door that will prove to be useful, there are a few materials that are considered to be favored.


Aluminum is one of the top materials to use on garage doors because the product is lightweight and low-maintenance. Aluminum garage doors will maintain their quality and appeal over time because they don’t dent when laminated panels are used. Heavy duty frames can also be included on aluminum garage doors, which can protect the home from damage in the middle of a storm or extreme weather conditions.

Wood and Composite Wood

Wood garage doors continue to be one of the top materials because they don’t wear quickly and are easy to customize compared to other types of options that are available. You can have more of a selection with the type of styles that are available with wood doors to ensure that you select a product that looks like it was designed for your house. Those who want a more affordable option can choose a door that is constructed out of composite wood, which is ideal for those who have double doors on the building.


Fiberglass is an excellent option for those who want to mimic another type of material that is available for garage doors. The material is easy to customize because it’s malleable to ensure that it looks specific to your vision. Fiberglass garage doors are also known to allow plenty of light in, which can reduce the energy usage on the property. They also offer many different cold advantages because they don’t warp or rot in low temperatures, meaning they’ll need fewer garage door repairs Visalia.