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Top Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

The quality of the parts that are on your garage door determines how well the product functions each day. The garage door springs are one of the main parts that can become damaged or worn down over time. If you want to maintain your garage door and keep it functioning well, there are a few signs that you’ll need to look for to determine if the springs are broken.

The Cables Are Broken

Thoroughly inspect the cables to determine if they’re broken because the cables will fly everywhere if the springs happen to break. The cables rarely break on their own if the springs are in good condition. Gaps may also be present in your torsion spring, which is common when it becomes wound.

The Garage Door Is Bent

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have broken springs is to take a close look at the garage door. You may notice that the top of the door is bent, which can require Bakersfield garage door repairs to be performed by a professional. The door becomes bent when the garage door opener tries to open the door. When the door is bent, it can also look crooked when it moves up and down. The door may become stuck in the tracks and make it difficult to operate.

The Door Partially Opens

Garage doors that have broken springs are known only to open partially and often stop at six feet each time, which can make it difficult to use. The door may not be completely open due to the sensitivity that has been activated when the parts break. Although the issue may be inconvenient, it can prevent further issues from developing in the future until the springs are repaired or replaced. You’ll need to close the garage door and pull the emergency release rope. If you can’t lift the garage door, it’s a sign that the springs are damaged.