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a home's garage opening itself

Why Is Your Garage Opening Itself?

One of the most common problems is a garage opening itself. This can seemingly happen out of nowhere and it’s a major problem. Imagine this happening during the winter and letting snow into your garage. This also makes it easier for wild animals and people to enter your garage. This will cover some of the common reasons for this problem along with recommendations on how to proceed.

Garage Opening Itself Due to Remote Problems

Sometimes the remote is to blame for the garage door problems. If someone in your neighborhood has a remote with the same channel, then your garage might be responding. It might seem like the garage opening itself is out of nowhere, but it’s just reacting to the other remote. You can often fix this by changing the channel on your automatic garage opener. Your remote’s batteries might be dying, which can sometimes cause the remote to fire at random times.

Debris and Dirt

It’s easy to assume that the garage malfunction is electronic, but sometimes the door is opening itself because of dirt and debris in the tracks. Garage doors have a reversing mechanism. This is a safety measure that ensures the door opens if there are any impediments in the way. This is supposed to stop the door from crushing any objects, but it also misfires if the tracks are dirty. Try cleaning the tracks and see if that stops the problem.

Circuit Board

This is one of the worst malfunctions and it often requires that you change the whole garage door opener. The circuit board might be damaged, which can lead to the garage door opening not closing or refusing to open. This can happen for many reasons, but the most common is from a lightning storm and the electronic pulses that occur from lightning. If this happened, then consider garage repair in Bakersfield.