garage door repair


Understanding the Physical Features of Garage Door Tracks

The tracks for a garage door allow the rollers to slide along and raise or lower the door with the assistance of a spring and a chain that are connected to the motor. The tracks remain in the same place while the door and the other parts move. You may need a professional garage track repair if the tracks become dented, misaligned, corroded or otherwise damaged.

Length of the Tracks

The length of garage door tracks depends on the height of the door. There are tracks designed to fit standard height garage doors, and they measure 6’4″ to 14’4″. The tracks are available in lengths in one-foot increments. The longer the tracks, the taller of a door they can accommodate.

Width of the Tracks

Garage door tracks are made in widths that range from one to three inches. The one-inch tracks are often used for the doors on a garage for a freight truck. Two-inch garage door tracks are common in most residential garages and some commercial and specialty garage doors. Three-inch garage door tracks are designed to handle heavier residential garage doors and extra-large industrial doors.

Thickness of the Tracks

The third important feature of garage door tracks is the thickness. They are available in stainless steel that measures 0.055 to 0.075 inches thick for the one to two-inch wide tracks. The lighter the garage door, the thinner the track can be. For a wood garage door, which is the heaviest type of garage door, 0.075-inch-thick tracks are used. The three-inch wide tracks are usually made with steel that is 0.109 inches in thickness.