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Prevent Garage Door Problems by Using Track Grease

A noisy garage door is always a nuisance as it irritates everyone who hears the noise. It can also indicate the something is wrong with your garage door and necessitates a Visalia garage door repair. However, the solution could be as simple as applying track grease to the door’s metal parts. Try the following first before calling for service.

Perform Your Own Preventive Maintenance

Garage doors have a number of moving parts that require periodic attention. Noise can come from door and track supports that have become loose or have missing nuts and bolts. Use a wrench to tighten bolts and then replace lost ones with new hardware. Take care not to overtighten the screws.

Don’t adjust springs or parts connected to the door’s counterbalance system as this is a task that should only be performed by a trained garage door professional. If tightening bolts and screws don’t solve the noise problem, it’s time to move onto lubricating some of the metal parts.

Apply Track Grease to Rollers, Springs and Hinges

Often, a garage door that makes a loud screeching noise upon opening needs lubrication of its rollers, springs or hinges. Apply track grease to the steel roller shaft, its hinges, lift cables, bearings and the entire length of the springs.

Hinges also need periodic lubrication. Although you can tighten hinges, don’t remove them. Before applying lubricant to the springs or hinges, make sure that they aren’t broken as professional technicians should perform any type of replacement. Continue applying track grease every month or two until it’s time for your next garage door inspection.

When Tightening and Lubrication Don’t Solve Garage Door Noise

If the previously mentioned measures don’t solve your problems with garage door noise, it’s time to contact a company that specializes in garage door issues. Experienced technicians will quickly and accurately diagnose the source of the noise and repair it so that it operates just like when it was new.