Two Very Good Reasons to Clean Your Garage Immediately

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Two Very Good Reasons to Take Control of Your Garage Immediately

Who knows why we do it — and it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t. What is the elusive “it” of which we speak? “It” is the widespread problem that we call “garage abuse.”

When you get down to it, the way we treat our garages is, at best, downright illogical. At worst, it’s detrimental to our health!

Gross Garages Attract Rodents

The garage is a room in your home. And in most Visalia households, the only thing that separates the garage from the living quarters is an unlocked, oft-ajar door. But ridiculously, we treat these flimsy barriers that separate disgusting garages from clean homes like they’re Hogwarts-produced portals through which icky things can’t pass.

It doesn’t matter if your garage isn’t littered with food. Mice and rats love eating paper and other organic materials that flourish in untended areas — like your unruly garage!

Let’s recap: Cluttered and dirty garages attract rodents. If your home’s motor coach room is attached to the main living area, then the chance of running across a mice or rat in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or media room increases exponentially.

Cluttered Garages Slowly Devour Your Sanity

Every time you walk into an unreasonably cluttered space, your psyche clutches its proverbial pearls, which spikes your stress and anxiety levels. It’s true; people who’ve spent their careers studying human brains and behavior can show the receipts.

So let’s recap: Cluttered garages elevate anxiety. Alarmingly, doctors have proven that stress and anxiety can lower your immune system, cause premature pulmonary stress and invite digestive disorders. Ergo, your out-of-control garage may be hurting your health.

So get to it and clean out that garage! When you’re done, enlist a Visalia garage door repair professional for a tune-up on your overhead doors. Doing so will be the finishing touch on your garage de-cluttering DIY project.