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Comparing AC and DC Garage Door Opener Motors

When you are in need of a garage door repair Bakersfield, it is important to know whether you have a garage door opener with an alternating current motor or a direct current motor. Direct current motors for garage door were rare ten years ago, but they are common now. This comparison will help you to make a decision in case your garage door’s opener needs to be replaced.

Noise Level

When your garage door opener is powered by an alternating current motor, it will be noisy when it starts up and moves the door along the tracks. A direct current motor operates at a lower noise level, and the sound difference is striking. If you have a bedroom or a living area above or next to your garage, a door that operates with less noise may be more to your liking.

Starting and Stopping Functions

An alternating current motor starts with a jolt and stops with a jolt. Over time, this could lead to some minor damage such as cracked paint or excessive wear and tear on the bottom of the garage door. A direct current garage door opener motor does not come to an abrupt stop. Instead, it allows for a soft start and soft stop. This could be helpful if you have a garage door made from painted wood.

Extra Features

Both an alternating current motor and a direct current motor support extra features for the garage door opener. If you want to have a light emitting diode for lighting in your garage, both motor types will support it. If you want a battery backup in case of a power outage, both power sources support the use of a battery. Both types of door motors also support smartphone apps that allow you to control or monitor your garage from a mobile device.