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Different Garage Door Styles for Your House

The garage door is one of the main features of your home and often determines the curb appeal of the property. There are many different details and materials that are used to create a product that complements the architecture of the building. When you need to replace your old garage door, there are a few styles to choose from for your house.

Carriage-House Garage Doors

Homes that are classic and date back several decades can benefit with a carriage-house garage door. Also known as barn-style garage doors, they look rustic and have a high level of detail. Many of the doors include windows, which can allow plenty of natural light in the garage and will reduce your energy usage while spending time in the space. A high level of craftsmanship comes with the door, which can allow the house to look high-end and stand out in the neighborhood.

Carriage-house garage doors are often painted with two different colors and have a high level of contrast. The color shades should complement the paint color of the building for a uniform look.

Raised-Panel Garage Doors

Raised-panel garage doors have a clean and stunning exterior due to their minimal design. The lack of detail makes them ideal to use on different styles of homes and will allow them to continue looking contemporary for many years. The doors often feature rectangular panels that are raised and add extra visual interest to the building. They can also be insulated, which will prevent the temperature of the garage from fluctuating in each season. There is also a variety of color shades to choose from, which can enhance the design of the building.

Raised-panel garage doors will complement houses that feature Spanish-Colonial architecture or are constructed out of brick. You can contact a Bakersfield garage door repair professional to fix issues that may develop and increase the lifespan of the parts.

Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors are ideal for modern homes that are chic and regal. They look best on mid-century modern homes and are often constructed out of aluminum. Modern steel and glass are also used, which creates a beautiful look on the building that stands out compared to other styles of doors. The fresh look of the door will boost the home’s curb appeal and can also increase its value.