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Common Ways Homeowners Neglect Their Garage Doors

While a garage door is a rugged piece of piece of equipment, there are ways in which homeowners may be neglecting to properly maintain them. Skipping these steps could reduce the useful life of the door itself and the systems that allow it to open and close on command. What should you avoid to get the most from your door?

Don’t Forget to Have an Annual Inspection

In many cases, garage door problems are related to a broken spring or an electrical issue. If a spring breaks or an electrical wire is frayed, the door won’t open like it should when you hit the button on your car remote. Alternatively, the door won’t close if there is a problem with a spring or the electrical signal that allows it to do so. An annual inspection can also find problems related to pests eating away at the frame or animals nesting nearby.

Paint or Stain the Door Itself

To maximize a garage door’s useful life, be sure to have it painted or stained before it is installed. If you do have the door painted, make sure that it is properly primed and otherwise prepped before that happens. Otherwise, the paint could chip or fade in a matter of months, which renders the paint or stain’s protective qualities useless. It is also worth noting that paint should be reapplied every three to five years depending on weather conditions.

Seek Out a Repair Company at the First Sign of Trouble

The first time that you see chipped paint or signs of pest damage is the best time to call a Bakersfield garage door repair company for assistance. The sooner that the damage is taken care of, the easier it will be to fix. This can save time and money that could be better spent on yourself or other parts of your home.