garage door repair

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How to Extend the Life of a Garage Door

While a garage door will not last forever, there are ways in which homeowners can make them last for as long as possible. As a garage door can cost several hundred dollars to repair or replace, it may be more affordable to take proactive steps to keep it from getting damaged by wind, rain or objects striking it.

Reinforce the Door With a Frame

Reinforcing a garage door with a frame may help it to withstand the effects of strong winds. It may also help the door and other components withstand heavy rain, snow or ice as well. Over time water can wear away at wood or other materials, which may result in a door that has cracks or holes in it. Without a frame, the door can become structurally unstable, which may make it harder to open or close correctly.

Keep Objects Away From the Door

Items such as tools, oil cans and bikes should be kept as far from the door as possible. Ideally, they will be stored in cabinets or shelves along walls closer to the back of the garage. This will either prevent them from falling or prevent them from falling and making contact with the door on the way down.

Securing oil or other liquids may benefit any homeowner as a spill could present a safety hazard for anyone who ventures into the garage. Kids should not be allowed to throw or kick balls off of the garage door or play any game where objects could make contact with it.

Preventing Accidents Should Be the Goal

Although quality garage door repair services can help those who need it, it may be best to prevent accidents from occurring at all. By reinforcing the door or keeping objects from hitting it, homeowners can extend a door’s useful life and reduce the amount of time and money needed to maintain it.