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A look at why weather stripping garage doors is important for homeowners with attached garages.

The Importance of Weather Stripping Your Attached Garage Doors in Bakersfield

If your attached garage feels excessively hot, or ridiculously cold, then there’s a chance that weather stripping can help. Many people think extreme temperatures in a garage are a normal thing. It’s definitely not. Here’s a look at why weather stripping your garage doors can help you maintain your garages temperature, and possibly save you money on your utility bills as well.

Why You Should Add or Maintain Your Garage Door Weather stripping

If you have a garage attached to your home, it can represent a very large air leak if it’s not sealed or insulated. If the temperature in the rest of your house feels the exact opposite of the temperature in your garage, then there’s air escaping. This can sap the comfortable air from the home itself. That can lead to higher utility costs as your HVAC system works harder to maintain the temperature. You should expect some temperature variance, but you shouldn’t have an extreme difference. Your garage door weather stripping will help to maintain the temperature of both your home and garage.

How to Add Weather stripping to Your Garage Doors

Different types of garage doors will require slightly different weather stripping solutions. In general, you will have to move your old weather stripping material if there’s any there. From there, you can measure the dimensions of your garage door. Take down the width for the top and bottom, and the height of the sides. You’ll also want the thickness. With those measurements, you can purchase the proper weather stripping materials from a reputable Bakersfield garage service provider. Follow the instructions for attaching the materials to the sides, top, and bottom of your garage door. Alternatively, you can ask the garage service to do all the work for you.

Start with Quality Garage Doors and Service

Weather stripping can only do so much for your garage and home. You need to start with quality garage doors and insulation. If your doors are in disrepair, then weather stripping will represent the least of your concerns. If you’re unsure if you need weather stripping, or if you have any issues with your garage doors, seek the opinion of professionals. It’s not a good idea to take on the task of weather stripping your garage before you make sure that all the components of your garage door are in good condition.