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Wind Supports for Garage Doors

It’s not unusual for high winds during a bad storm to cause damage and require garage door repair in Bakersfield. Garage doors can have various degrees of wind support, and most doors are rated in order to indicate just how much abuse they can take. You do have the option of upgrading your wind rating after the fact.

Local Building Codes

Wind rating is so important in regard to construction that your local building code will account for it. The code will indicate the suitable rating for various aspects of a home, including the garage doors. As a homeowner replacing or repairing a garage door, you are generally not legally required to meet that code. However, it is highly recommended that you do in order to protect your investment.

Homeowner Association Rules

Note that if you belong to an HOA, then that contract may require you to meet local building codes when repairing or upgrading your home. In that case, you are bound to adhere to the code in the sense that the HOA can fine you and take other measures against you.

Wind Load

Wind load is another name for wind rating. The terms can and often are used interchangeably. Almost any door you purchase will have a standard wind load. You can choose a door that has a high enough load for your area. If you want a door that has a lower-than-ideal wind load, then your garage door experts can recommend and install additional supports that will bring it up to that standard.

Is Maintenance Required?

Generally, no. Your garage door company will inspect the supports whenever you schedule seasonal maintenance. Specific maintenance is usually not required, and supports will only fail if the winds reached levels that were beyond the capacity of the supports and thus damaged them.