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The Top 5 Garage Door Color Choices

Whether you’re looking to change your home’s look or getting a garage for the first time, you may not be sure what color to choose. And whether you want to blend in or stand out, the right garage door color choice can take your home’s look to the next level. Here are the top five colors to choose from.

White–The Universal Garage Door

Most garage door companies make garage doors in five neutral shades, and white is the most common of those. However, the fact that it’s a common choice doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. The classic look of white goes with most homes. Plus, if you find yourself in need of garage door repairs in Bakersfield, a white garage door is easy to repaint after repair.

Almond–for Those Who Want to Stand Out

If you like the look of soft neutral but want something other than white, almond-colored garage doors might be your answer. This is a warm neutral that’s still subtle enough to go with most color schemes.

Desert Tan and Sandstone–a Neutral in the Middle

These two garage door color options are very similar, but they’re two of the top five colors commonly in stock with a variety of companies. Each is a neutral brown, and either color choice is a good one for those who want something darker than almond.

Chocolate–a Slightly Different Choice

As another of the five major colors, chocolate is a good choice for those who may want a garage door color that’s a little more on the rustic side. This deep brown looks nice with log and brick homes.

Truly Unique Garage Door Colors–Custom Color Choices

If you’ve ever dreamed of painting a garage door to match your home, you can do this, too. When ordering a new garage door, you can usually have the door designed with a customized color of your choosing. And if you choose the appropriate paint, you can even change color after purchase.