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Consequences of Installing a Cheap Garage Door

Garage doors are available at different price points to accommodate various budgets and offer many choices to consumers. Many people choose to purchase a cheap garage door as an attempt to save money but don’t always consider the implications this can have long-term. Here are a few consequences to consider if you’re looking to purchase a cheap garage door.

Higher Energy Bills

Garage doors that come with a low price tag often have a low R-value and are built with a lack of insulation, which can affect the energy efficiency in the building if the garage is attached to the house. The garage door covers the largest opening on the house, which can allow the outside temperature to influence the rest of the building and will cause the HVAC system to work hard to operate to cool or heat the home. You may be getting a good deal on the garage door but will end up spending more on your energy bill each month. The lack of insulation can also affect the level of comfort that is provided in the garage and the rest of the house.

Cheap Garage Doors Need More Repairs

Garage doors that have lower price points are often cheaper because they’re made with low-quality parts. You can expect to spend more to replace the rollers and springs over time because they’ll be more prone to breaking or wearing down easily as the door is opened and closed each day. With more garage door repairs in Bakersfield, it will end up costing more money to maintain the feature over the years to keep it operating well.

A Lack of Curb Appeal

Fewer exterior details are present on cheap garage doors, which means that you may own a feature that looks bland and has a lack of visual appeal. Keep in mind that this will affect the quality of your curb appeal and your home’s appearance. A low-quality garage door can even impact the value of your home and what it’s worth.